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Securing appropriate long term care consists of not only insuring that financial resources are available to pay ongoing monthly expenses but also making the important choices regarding where your loved one will live and who will provide them ongoing care in a comfortable and safe environment.

South Carolina has failed to “expand Medicaid” – this means that being accepted for long term care Medicaid benefits is only half the battle. Finding an appropriate Medicaid approved nursing facility can be a confusing and stressful task. This is where our knowledge and connections to businesses and facilities that serve the local senior community comes in. Our experience dealing with government agencies such as the Veteran’s Administration or South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services enables us to be effective advocates for you.

Our professional staff will help to guide you during this difficult time as we represent your best interests in seeking out the best possible care for your unique situation, whether it be through a caregiver at your home, as a resident at an assisted living facility, or at a nursing home.

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